An Exhibition with Pedro Lasch


Meditations on the History of Time

M.S. Rau Antiques, New Orleans’ quintessential antiques and fine art destination, is pleased to announce its first-ever exhibition of contemporary art on the occasion of Prospect New Orleans’ citywide triennial of art. The 105-year- old gallery will act as an official venue for Prospect.4, where it will host Mexican-American artist Pedro Lasch for a solo show entitled Reflections on Time.

Reflections on Time is a site-specific installation that incorporates historical clocks and other objects from M.S. Rau’s collection in a constellation of pairings with reflective glass artworks produced by Pedro Lasch. The installation evokes richly layered meditations on the history of time, encompassing scientific, spiritual, and allegorical implications. 

FREE and Open to the Public


M.S. Rau Antiques

630 Royal Street

New Orleans


If you are interested in acquiring any of the works featured in the exhibition,
please call the gallery at 504-523-5660


Exhibition Dates
November 18, 2017 - 

February 24, 2018

Monday - Saturday
9:00 a.m.- 5:00 p.m.



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´╗┐Hammer and Break (BM29)
Behind glass: Ridley Scott, Apple Super Bowl Ad, 

49 x 36” (1984)
Clock: Wizard Automaton, 63 x 15 x 9¾ (ca. 1860) 30-1778 - DE-LTFXLXS

Light Painting and Monetized Time (BM26)
Behind glass: Frank & Lillian Gilbreth, Worker’s Movement, 25 x 35” (1917)
Clock: A.R. Guilmet, Mystery Clock, 24½ x 10½ x 8¾” (1885) 30-3621 - SK-RPPP

Time Governed by Prudence (BM28)
Behind glass: Titian, Time Governed by Prudence,

33 x 30” (1565)
Clock: Breveté, Fisher Pendulum Mystery Clock,

14 x 6¾ x 27" (1890) 30-5763 - LE-OII

Truth Unveiled by Time (BM25)
Behind glass: Jean-Francois Troy, Time Unveiling Truth, 48 x 47” (1733)
Clock: Muirhead, Perpetual Calendar Clock, 12 x 6¼ x 17½ (1885)
29-2251 - GR-AXSMRR

Scientific Observation (BM27)
Behind glass: Charles E. Miller, Epstein Conducts Orchestra, 47 x 37” (1973)
Clock: Planchon, Waterwheel Automaton Clock, 21¼ x 18¼ x 7¼ (1900) 

30-6076 - PA-RPTIT

Two Times Ella (BM23)
Behind glass: Gjon Mili, Ella Fitzgerald, 30 x 37” (1942)
Clock: Robert-Houdin, Triple Mystery Clock, 

22 x 8 x 6"
(ca. 1840) 30-6505 - FR-MPRFXP

Bodies and Stars (BM24)
Behind glass: Aztec Calendar, Stone Carving, 32 x 25” (late 1400s)
In front of glass: Pre-Colombian Colima Seated Figure, 13 x 12 x 17”

(ca. 300BC-400AD) 29-9699

Continuity and Flow (BM22)
Behind glass: Etienne-Jules Marey, Toddler, 63 x 34” (1892)
Clock: Leroy & Cie, Annular Clock, 

16½ x 16½ x 68 1/2" 
(ca. 1880) 29-9956 - SI-AXSPTR

Please Join Us For A Special


Saturday, February 24

3:00 PM — 4:30 PM

Gallier Historic House

1132 Royal Street 

New Orleans

Reception to follow at 
M.S. Rau Antiques
630 Royal Street

As a part of the Prospect.4 Closing Weekend celebrations, join us for the launch of Pedro Lasch’s new Prospect.4 Weekly Monster book at the 19th century landmark The Hermann-Grima + Gallier Historic Houses. The book signing and short conversation with Lasch, Carin Kuoni (Director/Chief Curator, Vera List Center for Art and Politics, NY), Bernie January (Youth Empowerment Project, YEP NOLA) and Rebecca Rau (Curator, M.S. Rau) will be followed by a closing reception of the artist's Reflections on Time installation at M.S. Rau (630 Royal Street), also in the French Quarter.


Please join us for a special
Book launch with P.4 artist Pedro Lasch! Closing Weekend